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Please note: There is a FALSE Rip Off Report posted on us that slanders our Puppy Health Record and our personal character. I assure you that it is not true. I believe it’s a revenge attack against us from a breeder that sold us a poor quality shepherd in June 2016.

I purchased an imported adult female through a breeder here in the U.S. described as “Out going temperament and confirmed pregnant”. The female was neither out going nor pregnant. She was shy and laid on the ground when I talked to her. The breeder was upset that I demanded he take her back and refund our money.  

I filed a Rip Off Report on him to warn others thinking of purchasing an imported shepherd through him and TWO days later a FALSE Rip Off Report was filed on us.  

The temperament of the German Shepherd Dog must remain strong and out going. My actions in this case is to protect the German Shepherd Dog as a breed and you as a customer.  We have NOT had a sick puppy in over 20 years.  Read about it on our Health Page (click here).

Warning to anyone thinking of filing a Rip Off Report, once it's posted they will NOT remove it.  RipOff Reports DON'T CARE if the report is true or not, they just offer you their services to help you correct "your customer relationship".  The only thing you can do (without paying them $2000 or more to help you) is file a rebuttal to your report. 

In my opinion RipOff Reports website is as much of a ripoff  as people posting false reports.