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PiOur Breeding Program

Our goal is to breed an intelligent shepherd that will be a joy to you and your family and to become a active part of your family. We are crossing selective German lines dogs with our American lines in the hopes of increasing the longevity and intelligents.   We are genetically reuniting genes that have been separated for over a hundred years in hopes of our shepherds.

We only breed top quality AKC German Shepherds and top German Lines with  good hip backgrounds. Our shepherds are very low maintenance in the area of their health and should only require flea control, heart worm preventative, and routine vaccinations.

The German lines are bred for Protection and Police work and can be too much for the average American family.  We are crossing selective German lines dogs with our American lines in such a manner to produce a milder, calmer version of the German protection line German Shepherds and a stronger, bolder version of the American German Shepherds with the added benefit of longer, healthy life.  

The latest German blood lines that we have introduced to our breeding program is 3 time World Sieger Champion V1 Ballack von der Brucknerallee IPO3.

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Our breeding females are daughters, grand daughters, and great grand daughter of HeartStar Shepherd's 30 year breeding program.  All of our Shepherds have the same type of loving family temperament and personality so we can predict what kind of personality our puppies will have. Our puppies of each litter are even in quality, personalities, and intelligence. When a family has a choice of 2 or more puppies, they find it hard to pick one over the other because they are so close in appearance & personalities.  There are no shy or overly aggressive puppies in our litter.  The quality of our puppies is a product of our  +30 years of experience with the German Shepherd Dog.

full German working lines with lots of V


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