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PiOlder Pups & Adults

We have the following available.   Price is negotiable. Feel free to make an offer. Adults going to a loving pet home are reasonable priced. Our main concern is to see they get the love and attention they deserve. Puppies and adults sold with AKC papers with full registration will be priced according to a reasonable marketable value.

Email us for more information.  HeartStarGSD@gmail.com

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We do have a beautiful 9 month old Black & Red male available. Great temperament.  Rocky is a very intelligent Shepherd.   He loves to help you do anything and everything. He is 100% German lines. Grandson of 3 x World Sieger Champion VA1 Ballack von der Brucknerallee IPO3. 

Rocky is from a single puppy litter of ours and raised on a bottle. Much to my heart break, his testicle didn't drop and he had to be neutered. We are a small hobby kennel and have to watch our numbers. As much as I would have loved to use him in our breeding program, due to his problem I can't use him. Great black & red color. He does have the German structure and he wants to be apart of our every move. He is very smart. For example: He watched me pull weeds and the next thing I knew he’s beside me pulling weeds with me.  By your side is where he is the happiest.  He is crate trained, walks a leash, he is ready to start obedience training. Rocky is neutered.   D.O.B. 5/2/2016.

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Breeder's Special

HeartStar's Shelby - Black & Red female - Full German pedigree (for Shelby's pedigree click here).  Shelby's litter was imported by us.  She is a calmer than most full German line females.  She has not been bred.  Very nice pigment,  dark eyes, and a pedigree loaded with Sieger Champions (V1 dogs).  AKC registered and reasonable priced and/or puppies back.   D.O.B. 11/1/2016

Sire - Derby von Panoniansee, Dam - Pipi Vom Damjan Hof

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 full German   of V



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